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This is what my home page looks like, and I’m hoping you’ll post yours, too, Maud. I do use my tablet for work-related reading more than anything else, which is why NetNewsWire (for RSS feeds) and Instapaper (for the more substantive stories from those feeds) are in first place.

People often ask me if I write on my iPad. I don’t, or not beyond the occasional email when I’m traveling. But if I don’t like writing on my tablet, I really don’t like reading or watching video on my laptop, so for me the iPad is a consumption device. I know all sorts of technopundits decried it for that when it first came out, accusing it of stifling the creativity that computing was supposed to liberate in the masses, but to me this is one of its strengths. My computer is for working and producing, which is one mental state, and my tablet is for relaxing, exploring and absorbing, which is another, and not one to be so lightly dismissed as merely passive. I segue into a more receptive state of mind when I pick it up. — Laura Miller