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OK, I’ll play — here’s my home screen. The background changes frequently.  Right now it’s a Percolator-treated photo I took of my daughter, Nina. 

I got the iPad last spring as the one thing I could hang on to when we dissolved our home of ten years in New York and moved to Germany, a kind of digital safety blanket I held close after we sold and junked and stored all the rest of our belongings. Besides, hey, iPads are a lot more expensive in Europe, so it just made sense to buy one … right? 

The bottom shelf or whatever it’s called is testament to the original idea: this thing belongs to me and my wife Marcy both, thus you see my Gmail app button and a browser link to her account, since the app doesn’t support account switching yet. But the truth of it is, Marcy barely uses the iPad. She doesn’t quite see the point of it. She thinks it’s too heavy, and she’s just as happy with her laptop. Fine with me!

There are some of the usual suspects — Dropbox, Evernote, GoodReader, the social media we love so dearly, ReadItLater rather than Instapaper. GoodPlayer is terrific for playing video files of all formats. I keep the Times and the New Yorker handy and wish I knew how to get them out of the Newsstand folder. Not since I had a Herald Tribune subscription in high school have I read a newspaper as devotedly as I read the Times on the iPad.

The #1 spot of honor is reserved for Penultimate. We don’t have much of an office over here, and I’m trying to get by as paperlessly as possible. Everything gets scanned into Evernote, and I take notes on the iPad. I’ve even given up on Moleskines. I have a Zaggmate keyboard and a stylus and keep journals, ideas, and my to-do lists in handwritten digital notebooks. We do all editing of manuscripts in GoodReader — just about the only app Marcy ever uses, besides the New Yorker.

The other screens, roughly, are reserved for media apps & ebook readers, photography (including FlickStackr, Snapseed, and Photosmith), utilities & finance, games, and a few kid’s apps for Nina — which she barely ever gets to use, since mommy thinks they’ll rot her brain. I suspect she’s right.

Jürgen Fauth is co-founder of the literary community Fictionaut. His novel “Kino” is forthcoming from Atticus Books. Follow him on TwitterFor details on submitting your screenshots, go here.