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In May I visited and fell in love with Amsterdam, so much so that I keep hoping to figure out a way to rearrange things so that I can spend every summer for the rest of my life staying there on a houseboat.

Apart from the beauty and spirit (and beer) of the city itself, one of my favorite things was an exhibition of Fiep Westendorp’s Pim & Pom panels at the delightfully kooky Katten Kabinet

Pim & Pom, two adorable and very bad cartoon cats, aren’t well known in the States. The original books have never been translated into English. As far as I can tell even the spin-off animated series isn’t shown here. 

So while it’s hardly groundbreaking app work, it’s really made for preschoolers, it’s not as cute as the original black-and-white drawings, and I haven’t learned enough Dutch yet to understand everything, I thought I’d put in a good word for Pim en Pom op Safari

Until now I hadn’t really considered the App Store’s potential to facilitate dissemination of stories from other places. A free language app I’ve been spending some time with can teach you the names of the animals.

Maud Newton